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We are aware that you have knowledge. However, we are not sure if you want to share it with anyone. Anyway, what do you lose by sharing it? Because we believe that the knowledge that you have will create an impact to others. Join with us and benefit from your knowledge. “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”.

How It Works?

Become Instructor

Register yourself in the following link here. The Prasdel Team will approve your details and add you as an instructor in the system.

Create Online Courses

Prepare your course's lessons and produce video contents for those lessons. Upload and/or submit all learning materials to the system

Sell Online Courses

Your Courses will be promoted on different channels to sell to more students. Keep on inviting students and interact with them in the system time to time.

Get Payment

Sit back and wait for your payment of your service and hardwork at the end of the month.

Become an Instructor Today.

Become an instructor and change lives — including your own

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1.Can I teach a course on any topic?

Yes, you can teach a course on any topic of your choice.

2.What approval do I need to get started?

No approval is required.Just register in the system and begin.

3.How do I get my course materials on Prasdel?

You can submit them through cloud storage such as Google drive and Prasdel team will transfer to private cloud storage. Course descriptions and photos are uploaded by yourself through Instructor’s panel in the system.

4.Do I have to pay a fee to become an instructor?

No, you don't have to pay anything.All instructor are registered for free.

5.What is Instructor Payment?

Instructor will be paid 50% after deducting operations cost.

6.How will I get paid as an instructor?

The money will be transfred straight in your bank account.

if you have more questions about becoming an insructor at Prasdel.Please click here to contact us.