The Government of United Republic of Tanzania has been challenged by some Intellectuals, Politicians and Employers to make some amendments in its Education System since most of graduates from Tanzania’s High Learning Institutions seem not to be competent based on their academic qualifications when entering employment market.

Comparing Diploma and Degree Graduates in most cases, Diploma Graduates possess hand-on-skills, thus they can comfortably immediately adapt and perform better in most working environment compared to Bachelor Degree Graduates who seem to be more theoretical. However, they become more productive after gaining experience at work place. This is because most of Technical Colleges (of course not all) provide skill-based training rather than Universities.

Nonetheless, most Employers in Tanzania look for Skill-based and experienced recruit to hire, which creates another challenges for graduates who are just fresh from school. While that is happening, practical field attachment placement is none but one of the great challenges colleges and students face. On the other side, organisations who later one need to employ those graduates find a bit challenging on harvesting enough information for students who wants to join them for Practical Field. In that view, Practical Skills Development Link (PRASDEL) was conceived.

Our aim is to connect applicants with organizations that may place them for practical field, which will later assist them on gaining experience and exposure of the working environment before employment, as well as allowing organisations/employers to have exhaustive information and access to students who are undergoing different trainings in learning institutions, thus select those they need for offering of internship programmes, volunteering opportunities and practical field placement.

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